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About Us

A reflection of all of us, in fashion.


Dainty and Bold is a brand where we are committed to accentuate your personality and style in everything you wear, that’s why we go to the fine details - accessories.

We admire and love how style transcends a dynamic range of personalities; nobody should be bound to one label or lose one’s personal style just to stay ahead of fashion trends. And so, we created a platform for each personality to shine - from the delicate wallflower to the wild child in us. Dainty and Bold is not just an online jewellery store or a lifestyle portal, we aim to incorporate you into every aspect of our brand and making your time with us an experience you will remember fondly of.

A collaboration between fashion and you..

Fashion jewellery to us, is the little piece (or many little pieces) that put(s) the finishing touch to our looks for the day. This is a subtle yet fun way for us to express our individuality and styles. We carefully select and stock each piece in limited quantity as part of our commitment to only providing you quality pieces, so be sure to snap them up before they go out of stock! (Please note that all our pieces are handmade in Korea, unless stated otherwise.) At Dainty and Bold, we celebrate who you are every day, and we love for you to showcase your style with our quality pieces, no matter which side of you comes out to play!

Thank you for being on this journey with us, we sincerely hope you find bits and pieces of yourself on the website! Please bear with us as we find our feet in this wonderful experience. We love to hear from you via social media channels or email us at hello@daintyandbold.com!


Team Dainty and Bold

Three sisters, one belief

We are a team of three sisters at Dainty and Bold; bound by blood and birth, so alike and yet so different in so many ways. The three of us, collectively and as individuals, have one too many interests and opinions, as evidenced in our Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram pages. Caution: we might sometimes make too much noise for the sanity of the household in the name of good fun.